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Kelly Roberson

Fearless. Book (FREE! Just Cover Shipping & Handling)

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Fearless is a book that will, literally, change your mind! While the world has conditioned us to believe that fear is something we must live WITH, God has COMMANDED us to fear not!

Fearless was written to renew your mind to the TRUTH! When you read it, you will be sure of:

  • How the enemy uses fear to ultimately keep you from purpose & destiny
  • God’s emphatic refusal for you to let fear overtake you, in any area of your life!
  • God’s emphatic love for you, and how that love is what removes fear!

Fearless was written for YOU! There is no one that can make the decision to FEAR NOT, but you. This is your journey; walk it out. Only you can decide to live a life free from thoughts, mere thoughts, that can keep you from living your best life, in every area.

When you read, meditate, and get this Word in your heart, you will literally be a captive set free. This book is going to bring you out of bondage. God said prison doors are going to be opened, and everyone who takes this book to heart, every one of their bands will be loosed. Yes, your prison doors are about to open, and your bands are about to be loosed. You will walk out of prison, go fearlessly into the places where God has called you to be, and you WILL be the answer. “Finally,” they will say, “the answer to the thing we have been praying for is here!”